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By well-liked demand, I’ve created a plugin to allow users to log in via Discord. Generate the appliance right here, and replica the Consumer ID and Consumer Secret. Settings area with the Shopper ID and Shopper Secret. Particular due to @cpradio for providing an ideal place to begin for this by way of the LinkedIn Oauth2 plugin. The positioning setting discord trusted guild auto-approves customers on creation in the event that they match a certain guild.

To allow solely discord customers from a certain guild, use this with the should approve users setting enabled. Type the guild ID within the discord trusted guild setting. To search out your guild ID, log into your required discord guild, and look at a channel. The result’s all discord users would be able to create new accounts, however solely members of the required guild will be able to log in “pre-approved”. Anybody else will likely be pending approval as normal.

To support this functionality, the plugin pulls within the “view guilds” scope permission in addition to electronic mail and identification. Ah, thanks for the heads up - it seems that we do want that identification scope. Properly, that was awkward. Plugins are at the moment unable to resolve/set up from git sources. I ended up cloning omniauth-discord into the plugin temporarily until we can reliably get an updated gem.

Well, that was awkward. I don’t think that outage was related honestly. Nevertheless, resulting from the way in which that plugin gems are loaded, this type of declaration can’t work inside plugin.rb, so far as I can perceive. Ahhhh now I acquired what you mean. Last gem release was before the final change, so it ins’t on RubyGems.

I just sent an e mail to the maintainer let’s see if he might help us here with a new release. Not currently. I’m trying to get the plugin extra stable earlier than permitting for customized textual content. Can you show me a gif of signup with Discord earlier than I set up? Um, yeah, enable two factor authentication on discord may overwrite this in CSS.